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$20 Liberty Certified MS64 PCGS & NGC

Country: USA
Gold Content: .9675 Troy Oz.
Diameter: 34 mm
Thickness: 2 mm
Fineness: 0.900 (21.6 karats)

Obverse: Classic Liberty Head
Reverse: Shield Eagle
Minted 1849 to 1907.
The $20 Double Eagle was minted in three types: the Type I \\\’No Motto\\\’ variety, the Type II variety with \\\’Twenty D\\\’ on the reverse and the Type III variety with \\\’Twenty Dollars\\\’ fully spelled out. Most of the coins you will receive are Type III.

These coins have been certified MS64 by PCGS and NGC (our choice).

Please contact us at 360 329 2646 if you would like all PCGS or all NGC certified coins.


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