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Happy Thursday,
We have literally half a TON of 90% junk silver to put into good homes today;
bags of Mercury Dimes, Franklin halves and Walking Liberty halves, as small as $100 face at a GREAT PRICE.

Check the competition for yourself:
JM Bullion: spot +4.20/oz
Provident +3.99/oz
APMEX +$2.99
VAULT WHOLESALE: only spot +2.49/oz

$500 face – let’s drop it to spot +2.29.
Buy a full bag of $1,000 face and I’ll go spot +1.99!
That’s $715 cheaper than the cheapest guys in the country.

With 17 years on eBay as Platinum Power Sellers with Top Rated status, we’ve had over 17,750 transactions with 100% 5 star feedback, we are truly America’s Most Trusted Precious Metals Dealer.

FREE shipping
Coins are average circulated
Price includes discount for payment by check or wire.
PayPal (or credit card through PayPal) – please add 3%.

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