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July 15, 2016
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Joel direct: 503 213 3352

Happy Friday,
The bull market of 2016 marches on. We’ve had a small pullback this week, leaving silver at “only” 48% above January 28th’s close. Gold is 23% above its low for the year.
Some great deals for you today.
We have hundred of Gold Indians (my favorite US coin) available. Check the competition – these are some terrific prices.
$2.5 Indians

Cleaned: $259 each (20 or more - only $254 each) 90 available
VF (very fine): $274 each (20 or more - only $269 each) 80 available
XF (extra fine) $279 each (20 or more -  only $274 each) 160 available
AU (almost uncirculated) $289 each (20 or more -  only $286 each) 65 available
Minimum order is only ten (10) pieces
$5 Indians - Very limited quantities - FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED
Cleanedonly $395 each – only 20 available at this price
VFonly $424 each – only ONE LOT of 10 available at this price ($4,240 total),
XFonly $419 each – only 25 available at this price
Minimum order is only ten (10) pieces
$10 Indians

Cleanedonly $715 each – only 10 available at this price
VF: $734 each (10 or more - only $725 each) 120 available
XF: $739 each (10 or more - only $729 each) 50 available
Minimum order is only five (5) pieces
Indians a little too pricey? We also have hundreds of:
$10 Liberty
Cleanedonly $699 each (any quantity – 50 available)
VFonly $709 each (any quantity – 25 available)
XF: only $719  each (10 or more - only $712 each) 200 available
Minimum order is only five (5) pieces
FREE SHIPPING on all orders
We just got in a small mountain of 90% silver, and we’re selling it CHEAP!

Mixed dimes lot - $200 face (about 65% Roosies, 35% Mercs)
$1 an ounce less than APMEX.
Their price on a similar lot would be $3,367
Your price - only $3,225 – one lot only (2,000 dimes, approx.143 troy oz of silver)
Prefer a smaller lot? We’ll beat APMEX by $1 an ounce on
$100 face of:
Washington Quarters – we’re at spot +1.99/oz = $1,582*
Roosevelt Dimes -  spot +1.99/oz  = $1,582*
Mercury Dimes -  spot +2.99/oz  = $1,653*
Walking Liberty Halves -  spot +2.49/oz   = $1,617*
Franklin Halves -  spot +2.49/oz   = $1,617*
* Prices are indications only, based on spot $20.13 (Kitco ask).
Final price TBD at time of lock
Call for our best deal on BIG bags ($500 face, $1,000 face)
Also have:
one $50 face bag of Franklins (100 coins) at only spot +2.99/oz (= $827*)

one $50 face bag of Walkers (100 coins) at only spot +2.69/ oz (= $816*)

- NOTE: roughly 20% of this Walker bag is ugly, with barely readable dates; some coins have scratches, rim dings etc, hence the rock bottom price. The other 80% is average circulated, no problem coins)
* Prices are indications only, based on spot  $20.13 (Kitco ask).
Final price TBD at time of lock
Just laying around:
One hundred (100) 2016 Canadian Cougars – the first coin of the Predator Series
We’ll sell ‘em at our leading competitor’s 500-coin priceonly spot +2.99/oz
With silver at $20.13, price indication is $2,312 for the lot (final price tbd at time of lock).

ONE LOT ONLY (four original, unsearched RCM tubes of 25 per tube = 100 oz total)
First come, first served
Fifty (50) 2015 Great Horned Owl – this is the rare one of the Birds of Prey series.
The RCM announced a maximum mintage of one million coins, but a silver shortage cut the production short and they never completed the run.  Our favorite competitor is selling the Owls at spot +5.99/oz. We’ll beat them by $2 an ounce!

We have one lot of TWO sealed tubes (of 25 each) – a total of 50 ounces
With silver at $20.13, indication is only $1,206 (final price TBD at time of lock)
FREE SHIPPING on all orders
Also available:

EVERYTHING! If you don’t see it among the nearly four million dollars of inventoryin our eBay store, or on, please ask. If we don’t have it on hand, we will quickly source it for you at a great price.

Prices include discount for payment by bank wire or personal check. Most prices include shipping and insurance (see individual items for minimums, if any, required to receive free shipping). Prices offered are indications and are subject to change without notice. Please call to confirm.

Questions? We’re always glad to hear from you. Feel free to call or email any time.

Thanks for looking and thanks again for your business. We appreciate it!

the Coin Brother
Joel’s direct line: 503.213.3352

We’re ALWAYS buying.
Most generous prices paid in the biz.
What do you have to sell today?

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