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Coming this Friday

ATB – coin # 31 – Shawnee National Forest

We have a VERY limited number of Monster Boxes available
- only spot +2.89/oz

Shawnee National Forest, Illinois, is coin #31 of the overwhelmingly popular America the Beautiful series of 5 oz silver bullion coins. The last five or six issues have sold out within days. This edition should be no different.
US Mint-Sealed Monster Boxes contain 500 oz of .999 USA silver.  That’s ten tubes, each with ten (10) ten ounce coins, a total of 100 five ounce coins.

Please note – other dealers are quoting a ship date between February 9 and 12.
Our coins will ship on the 5th

Call Joel at 503-213-3352 during market hours to lock yours.

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