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March 24, 2016
USA’s Most Trusted Precious Metals Dealer

Joel direct: 503 213 3352

Happy Thursday,
A quick note – we will be accepting bullion orders up until 5PM Eastern tomorrow. After that, we will be answering the phone, although on a lighter schedule. If you get an answering machine, please leave a message. We will call back QUICKLY.
Happy Holiday
So, after yesterday’s little adjustment, metals are  holding firm  today. The “continued pullback” didn’t happen! This could make today the day to load up on silver. With that in mind, let’s make it easier for you to pull the trigger by offering our lowest premiums of the year on mint-sealed Monster Boxes…
Silver SEALED Monster boxes (500 oz ) – FREE shipping
American Silver Eagles:
2016 - only spot +2.85/oz (discount available on multiple boxes)
2014 – only spot +$3.99 ($500 less than APMEX) 4 available
2013 - only spot +$3.99 ($500 less than APMEX) 3 available
2012 - only spot +$3.99 ($500 less than APMEX) 3 available
2009 - only spot +$4.99 ($1,000 less than APMEX ) 5 available. link available on request.
Canadian Silver Maples
2016 - only spot +2.19/oz
2016 – Cougars (coin #1 of the Predator series) only spot +2.79/oz
Austrian Philharmonics
2016 – only spot +$2.09/oz
Silver bars and Rounds
Buffalo one oz rounds – only spot +.99¢/oz (500 oz)
100 oz bars – JM and Engelhard (limited availability) at only spot +.99¢ (5 bars)
10 oz bars – from Elemetal and Sunshine – only spot +.1.09 (50 bars)
We have a nice stack of PCGS certified  $20 Liberty Double Eagles to offer you today. 
All are nice coins at terrific prices, but we’ve taken the Liberty of highlighting the best deals (compared to PCGS price guide). Some GREAT savings today!

$20 Liberty – PCGS certified 19th century Double Eagles
price guide your price
XF40 $2,200 $2,090
AU53 $2,750 $2,340
1873  O3
MS61 $2,700 $2,295
AU53 $1,575 $1,525
MS60 $1,715 $1,650
MS61 $1,975 $1,895
MS60 $1,540 $1,495
MS60 $3,000 $2,595
MS61 $3,400 $3,195
MS61 $2,900 $2,695
AU58 $1,505 $1,350
MS61 $1,775 $1,650
MS60 $1,665 $1,550
AU58 $1,405 $1,350
AU55 $1,395 $1,350
AU58 $1,405 $1,350
AU58 $1,405 $1,350
AU58 $1,405 $1,370
AU58 $1,405 $1,350
AU58 $1,405 $1,350
AU58 $1,405 $1,350
NO minimum order.
Buy two or more and we’ll give you FREE shipping.
One of each at these prices – first come, first served.
We also have a small mountain of these pre-1933 classics:
25 x $5 Liberty – PCGS MS62 $419
35 x $10 Liberty PCGS MS60 $685
50 x $10 Liberty PCGS MS61 $695
25 x $10 Liberty PCGS MS63  $829
40 x $10 Indians NGC MS62   $649
Saint-Gaudens in all grades MS60-MS65 – please call for today’s prices
Five coin minimum at these prices. FREE shipping
Platinum coins are back!
Over the past six months, Platinum coins have been very difficult to source. Mint allotments for the year sold out early and were never restocked.
On Monday, we’ll be full up with one oz Canadian Maples andAustrian Philharmonics as well as fresh new PAMP Fortuna bars in 1 gram, 5 gram, 1/2 oz, 20 gram, 1 oz and 10 oz sizes.

Call us Monday morning for our lowest prices on Platinum
We also have a very limited supply of 2015 Palladium Maples
Also available:

EVERYTHING! If you don’t see it among the nearly three million dollars of inventoryin our eBay store, or on, please ask. If we don’t have it on hand, we will quickly source it for you at a great price.

Prices include discount for payment by bank wire or personal check. Most prices include shipping and insurance (see individual items for minimums, if any, required to receive free shipping). Prices offered are indications and are subject to change without notice. Please call to confirm.

Questions? We’re always glad to hear from you. Feel free to call or email any time.

Thanks for looking and thanks again for your business. We appreciate it!

the Coin Brothers
Joel’s direct line: 503.213.3352

We’re ALWAYS buying.
Most generous prices paid in the biz.
What do you have to sell today?

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Ask us how to convert your IRA or 401(k) plan into a self-directed
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