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Silver has been a store of wealth for thousands of years. It is an excellent form of wealth insurance and has been very popular during the last few turbulent years in the financial markets.

You can read more about the history of monetary silver

Vault Wholesale offers the most popular silver bullion, bars and coin products.
We also offer PCGS and NGC certified modern rarities.

You can purchase silver with confidence 24/7 through our secure online store.
Products include:

-Silver Eagle Coins
-Silver Canadian Maple Leafs
-Silver Austrian Philharmonics
-Silver Eagle Monster Box
-Ten and One Hundred Ounce Silver Bars
-One Ounce Silver Rounds
-Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars
-90% Junk Silver Bags
-40 % Junk Silver Bags and more

Many are suitable for deposit in your Precious Metals IRA account.

  • Silver Rounds 100 x one oz

    Country: USA (Private Mint)
    Silver Content: 1.00 Troy Oz.
    Diameter: 40.6 mm
    Fineness: 0.999 Fine Silver

    Obverse: Indian Head Design or comparable
    Reverse: Buffalo Design or comparable
    Privately minted; pictures are for illustration. You will receive Buffalo designs, or comparable.

    One hundred (100) one troy ounce coins
    Please call us at 503.213.3352 for quantity discounts.

  • Ten x 10 oz RCM silver bars .999 pure

    Country: Canada (Royal Canadian Mint)
    Silver Content: 10.0 Troy Oz per bar
    Ten x ten ounce bars = 100 troy ounces total
    999.9 Fine Silver

    Acceptable for Precious Metals IRA accounts.

    Please call us at 503.213.3352 for quantity discounts or for a fresh quote on Johnson Matthey, Engelhard, OPM...

  • 100 oz RCM silver bar .999 pure

    Country: Canada (Royal Canadian Mint)
    Silver Content: 100.00 Troy Oz
    Fineness: 999.9
    Please call for quote on other hallmarks (JM, Engelhard, OPM etc)

  • US $100 Face Value Bag of 90% Silver Coins

    Country: USA
    Silver Content: 71.5 Troy Oz. per $100 face value (approximate weight)
    Fineness: 0.90
    Minted 1964 and before, each 90% Silver Bag contains $100 face value, consisting of our choice of 1,000 dimes, 400 quarters, 200 half-dollars or a mixture of dimes, quarters or halves that total $100 face value, with a total silver content of approximately 71.5 troy ounces.

    Excellent source of ‘survival’ silver at a low premium over spot.

    For \"solid bags\" YOUR choice of Roosevelt dimes, Mercury dimes, Washington quarters, Franklin halves, Walking Liberty Halves or 1964 JFK halves, please give us a call for a fresh quote. Thanks! 503-213-3352

  • 1922-35 Peace Dollars Avg Circ (100 pc.)

    Country: USA
    Silver Content: 0.77344 Troy Oz. per coin
    Diameter 38.1 mm
    Thickness 2.0 mm
    Fineness: 0.90

    Obverse: de Francisci’s Liberty Head
    Reverse: Seated Eagle
    Minted from 1921 to 1928, 1934 & 1935. Designed by Anthony de Francisci, commemorating the end of the Great War.

    Bags contain one hundred (100) Peace Dollars, dates and mint marks of our choice. Dates could include 1922 to 1935, with ‘S’ (San Francisco) ‘D’ (Denver) and no mintmark (Philadelphia) coins. The grade is Average Circulated (typically "VG", very good), with no ‘culls’ (coins with holes, gouges, bent, etc.) You should use this stock photograph as an indicator of the quality of the coins you will receive. Each 100 coin bag contains approximately 77.3 Troy Ounces of pure silver.

    Please call us at 503.213.3352 for other grades or discount pricing on larger orders.

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