• Gold   $1,228.10   $0.10
  • Silver   $15.62   $0.02
  • Platinum   $822.00   $1.00
  • Palladium   $912.00   $5.00

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August 25, 2017
Happy Friday,
 After a roller coaster ride last week, metals have stabilized for the moment.
“They” tried to knock it down (l ast Wednesday, silver dropped nearly 3% only to fully rebound the very next day) , but $17 has held strong and continued the upward march this week! Gold too has held on to its recent gains, closing just shy of $1,300.
This week’s closing prices:
Gold: $1,291.80
Silver: $17.15
Platinum: $977
We’ve been experimenting with eBay auctions a bit more than usual – see what is exciting active buyers.  We’ve been having great success with generic graded Morgan and Peace dollars, certified $10 Liberty Heads and a very specific silver dollar, the 1900 O/CC Morgan. We don’t ever remember getting so many queries (or bids) for a specific coin. Please see below for some sweet deals on all of the above… and more.
 Including an offer of a FREE MS65 Saint-Gaudens ($1,489).
Thanks for reading! We appreciate it!
Wishing you a fun weekend. You probably worked very hard for it.
 We’ve had a ridiculous number of inquiries recently on the 1900 O/CC Morgan Dollar. That has encouraged us to scour the nation looking for more of this unique coin. This week, we found an absolute stunner, a sensational MS66 with CAC verification.
1900 O/CC MORGAN DOLLAR – PCGS certified MS66 with CAC

 Drop. Dead. GORGEOUS! 
This coin has been verified by CAC as one of the top quality coins for the grade. It is certainly the finest example we’ve ever seen.
PCGS price guide has the 66+ grade valued at $12,500. While this is not a + grade, the CAC verification puts it at the very top end of MS66.
Rarity? Only 128 coins have ever been graded this high by PCGS.
Only 2 have been graded higher (and those MS67s are listed at $37,500 – $53,000)
We are asking $9,250
FREE shipping
exact coin pictured
Call Joel direct at 503-213-3352  to place your order

CERTIFIED SILVER DOLLAR SPECIALS  (a “bit” more affordable)

 We have a huge stock of Peace and Morgan dollars that we’re offering cheap today

PEACE DOLLARS  (sold in lots as small as ten coins):
MS64 –  ten (10) coins – only $44.99 each ($449.90)
MS64 – twenty (20) coins – only $42.99 each ($859.80)
MS64 – one hundred (100) coins – only $39.99 each ($3,990)
Your choice of PCGS or NGC
Our choice of dates/mintmarks
MORGAN DOLLARS (pre-1921) (sold in lots as small as ten coins):

MS64 – ten (10) coins – only $64.99 each ($649.90)
MS64 – twenty (20) coins – only $63.99 each ($1,279.80)
MS64 – one hundred (100) coins –  only $62.99 each ($6,299)
Your choice of PCGS or NGC
Our choice of dates/mintmarks
Call Joel direct at 503-213-3352 to place your order
1898-S $20 Liberty Head Double Eagle – NGC certified AU58

Good looking 19th century San Francisco mint Double Eagle!
NGC price guide is $1,590.
Take $100 off  of that!
Only $1,489  with FREE SHIPPING.
One available – the exact coin pictured .
First come, first served
Call Joel direct at 503.213.3352 to place your order.
 Wholesale premiums dropped a tiny bit this week (and we’re still cheaper than the competition).
$50 face: $663
$100 face: $1,318
$250 face: $3,278
$500 face: $6,557
$1,000 face: $13,042 (call it $13k even. That’s  only spot +1.03 /oz.)
$50 face: $699
$100 face: $1,390
$250 face: $3,457
$500 face: $6,914
$1,000 face: $13,685  ( only spot +1.99 /oz)
First five customers to order a full $1,000 face bag of Walkers of Franklins
– take an additional $185 off the price above!)
Mercury Dimes  or   1964 JFK halves  (your choice)
$50 face: $702
$100 face: $1,397
$250 face: $3,475
$500 face: $6,932
$1,000 face: $13,685 ( only spot +1.99/oz)
First five customers to order a full $1,000 face bag of Mercs or ’64 JFKs
– take an additional $185 off the price above!)
FREE SHIPPING on all silver orders
Call Joel direct 

at 503-213-3352

to place your orders

 We’ve noticed that our leading competitor is now consigning coins for some of our biggest rare coin suppliers. That’s great! Tremendous exposure for our colleagues and an amazing opportunity for our leading competitor to make  HUGE  markups on rare coins.
Did I say HUGE?
More like sick!
 I had my eye on a very special coin today, a spectacular and  EXTREMELY RARE 
1876 CC  (Carson City)  Seated Liberty half, NGC certified MS62 PL.  

NGC has only ever graded three of this date/mintmark as PL (proof-like) and this MS62 is THE HIGHEST GRADED  with a population of ONE.

 IT IS THE ONLY ONE! And it is beautiful.
 So, I’m surfing the internet to try and estimate a fair value (NGC price guide lists the coin, but does not assign a value!) and I find the exact coin listed on ****X’s website! THE EXACT SAME COIN!
 They are asking $10,845, which actually seems fair for such a unique and
extremely rare coin. And we’ll be happy to put this coin in your collection for that fair price.

 We’ll throw in a nice, spot free MS64 Saint-Gaudens for FREE. 
1876 CC Seated Liberty half, NGC certified MS62 PL
From our favorite competitor (link available on request) for $10,845
Yours for the same $10,845 and we’ll throw in a spot free MS64 Saint-Gaudens for nothing – FREE!  (Your choice of PCGS or NGC)
Or – we can just let you have the Seated Liberty for $9,345.
You’ll save $1,500 and we’ll keep the Saint.
Reverse image available on request. It’s gorgeous!
only one available – exact coin pictured
First come, first served
Call Joel direct 

at 503-213-3352

to place your order

the all new
Also available:
EVERYTHING! If you don’t see it among the nearly four million dollars of inventory in our eBay store, or on, please ask. If we don’t have it on hand, we will quickly source it for you at a great price
 Prices include discount for payment by bank wire or personal check. Most prices include shipping and insurance (see individual items for minimums, if any, required to receive free shipping). Prices offered are indications and are subject to change without notice. Please call to confirm.
Questions? We’re always glad to hear from you. Feel free to call or email any time.
Thanks for looking and thanks again for your business. We appreciate it!
Joel’s direct line: 503.213.3352
For our newer clients:
 Great question!
 We are a small, family run, U.S. business, with offices in Central California and Southern Washington State. We’re approaching our  19th anniversary on eBay , where we are  Platinum Power Sellers, with  Top Rated status, earned through  100% positive, 5 star feedback on well over 19,500 transactions. We also have an A+ rating from the  BBB.
 At Vault Wholesale, you are always speaking with an owner. No ever-changing bunch of guys in cubicles, no, “please listen as our menu options have recently changed”, no “dial 9 for a company directory”, just an owner, 365 days a year!

 So, to answer the bold red question above,
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We’re ALWAYS buying.
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