• Gold   $1,925.80   $5.30
  • Silver   $23.62   $0.14
  • Platinum   $937.00   $8.00
  • Palladium   $1,287.00   $12.00


Platinum coins and bars:

Platinum is extremely scarce even among precious metals, occurring as only 0.003 parts per billion in the Earth’s crust.

You can read about the history of investment platinum here.

Vault Wholesale offers the most popular platinum bullion, bars and coins.

Because inventory can be inconsistent at times, we do not regularly list individual Platinum coins here on the website.
Please call us at 503.213.3352 for current pricing and availability on platinum (and palladium) products such as:

one ounce coins:
– American Eagles
– Austrian Philharmonics
– British Britannias
– British Tudor Beast Lions
– Canadian Maple Leafs
– Cook Islands Legacy of the Pharoahs

– Valcambi one oz bars
– Credit Suisse one oz bars

Many are suitable for deposit in your Precious Metals IRA account



Platinum coins and bars