• Gold   $1,925.80   $5.30
  • Silver   $23.62   $0.14
  • Platinum   $937.00   $8.00
  • Palladium   $1,287.00   $12.00

Damaged and Cull Silver Dollars

Damaged and cull Silver Dollars are great way to amass silver dollars at the lowest premium.

Cull dollars are silver dollars with no extra numismatic value – which means more silver for your money.
Culls can be scratched, discolored, painted, cleaned, have glue residue etc.

Damaged dollars are “lower than cull”, Morgan and/or Peace Dollars that may have holes, gouges, solder, corrosion or other forms of damage that remove any potential numismatic (collector’s) value.
Crappy coins = more silver for your money!

Cull and damaged dollars will be our choice of Morgan and/or Peace Dollars.

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