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Saint-Gaudens XF


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Saint-Gaudens XF (extra fine)
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Saint-Gaudens XF (extra fine)
Named after its designer, legendary sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the Saint-Gaudens is a twenty-dollar gold coin (double eagle), produced by the United States Mint from 1907 to 1933. The coin is widely considered to be the most beautiful U.S. coin ever struck. A modified design is currently in use on the modern US Gold Eagles, in all four denominations.

The obverse depicts Liberty holding a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in her left. Behind her are the rays of the sun and the U.S. Capitol. 46 stars, representing the states of the union in 1907, circled the design until 1912, when two stars were added for New Mexico and Arizona.

The reverse features an American Eagle in flight, the rays of the sun complementing the obverse, with the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and TWENTY DOLLARS across the top. In 1908, the words “IN GOD WE TRUST” were added to the bottom. 1908 coins are designated as “Motto” or “No motto” and carry relatively similar value to numismatists.

Saint-Gaudens specifications:
Year: 1907-1933
Mint Mark: none (Philadelphia), D (Denver), S (San Francisco)
Denomination: $50
Manufacturer: U.S. Mint
Gold Content .09675 troy oz
Purity 90%
Grading Service: none
Grade: XF (extra fine)
Thickness: 2.41 mm
Diameter: 34 mm

Have you ever noticed that most cleaned/jewelry grade coins look better than the VF/XF coins?
Maybe save a few bucks and ask us for cleaned coins with “a little meat on them” (XF/AU “details”) and get more gold for your money!

We also carry a tremendous selection of Saint-Gaudens, as well as Liberty Heads, Indians… certified by PCGS and NGC. Whatever you’re looking for in pre-1933 US Gold, Vault Wholesale is here to help you. Call us today at 503.213.3352 and speak with an owner – every time!

To learn more about the legendary August Saint-Gaudens, please click HERE.

Saint-Gaudens XF (extra fine)

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