Video: Silver Eagle Monster Box

Transcription of  Silver Eagle Monster Box Video

Joshua Abramson, The Silver Fox, for, America’s low-cost precious metals dealer, and we are going to unleash the silver eagle monster box.

We’re going to open this green monster, of five hundred one ounce Silver Eagles just the way it came from the US Mint. Twenty five tubes containing twenty Silver Eagles, thirty-four pounds of silver.

And back in the old days these used to be much harder to get into because they had metal seals on them, and now all you need is a scissor, so let’s open this up and see what we have inside.

Okay you can see right here that it says West Point Mint, and right here this is written in sharpie, 19067, which is a control number, which will match a piece of paper that we have inside. Okay so here we go. You just snap those two straps, and you open up the box.

And here, here’s the magic piece of paper. This is a little adding tape, that just has the rolls 1 through 25, 20 pieces each end, and then written by hand that same number, 19067, one ounce, date 3-1-11, and a signature. So, this is so old-school, the way that this is done. And this is how we determine whether or not our coins are first strike PCGS or early release NGC, by this date on this inside a sealed box.

So, then we take out the tray, and there you have them, your 25 rolls of Silver Eagles. So here are your 25 tubes of 20 Silver Eagles each. The caps are on here pretty tight, so you need a tool, my tool of choice is a US genuine government issue mess kit knife, circa World War 2, but that’s just my own thing. Just pry off the lid here, and there are your Silver Eagles.  Just as they were packed and sealed in this box on March 1st , 2011. It’s a beautiful gem, brilliant, uncirculated coin. It’s the most popular one ounce bullion round in the world.

So, our advice is when you get them, leave the box sealed, because they’ll command a higher premium when you go to sell them if it’s sealed with the original straps in place. So this is a great opportunity for you to be able to have a peek inside, as you may never see the inside of your box.