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19th Century Gold… and a Shipwreck

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July 1, 2017
Happy July!
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 This weekend, we’re featuring some good looking and very affordable 19th century $10 Liberty head gold Eagles, a few very pretty certified Saint-Gaudens and the world’s only known shipwreck currency.

Wishing you a great weekend and a happy and safe 4th of July!
 In March 2016, we acquired a horde of shipwreck currency from the Andrea Doria. As we often do, we put some sets aside to see how the market would go. It has held strong, so this week, we decided to put some up on eBay – no reserve auctions starting at .99¢. They did GREAT, realizing prices 28% higher than we sold them for just 15 months ago.
A little background on the notes:
 In July 1956, the SS Andrea Doria sunk off the coast of Nantucket. 52 souls were lost (and 1,600 rescued). In 1981, a team recovered the Banco di Roma safe that had been submerged in the shipwreck for 25 years. It was believed the 650-pound safe contained First Class passengers’ jewelry and other valuables.

In 1984, on live television, the safe was opened and the sunken treasure revealed.

 Turned out that the passenger’s jewelry and other valuables were apparently removed by their owners prior to evacuation. What was discovered were stacks of U.S. $1 Silver Certificates and 50, 100 and 1,000 Lire Italian bank notes.
In 2006, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the ship’s sinking, PCGS certified 2,726 U.S. $1 Silver Certificates and 878 undated Banca d’Italia notes from the 1947 to 1951 series.

Here they are:

In case you can’t see the image above, each set includes:
One (1) US $1 silver certificate, PCGS certified “C”
One (1) Italian 1,000 lire note, PCGS certified “genuine”
Each set of shipwreck currency comes in a collector’s box with an informational DVD, a Certificate of Authenticity and a letter of authenticity.

When originally sold, the “C” grade Silver Certificate alone sold for $595
We just saw an Italian 1,000 lire note on eBay today for $999.
TWO DAYS AGO, our no-reserve auctions realized a total of $357 for the 1,000 lire note and the Silver Certificate.
This weekend only, we’re offering these historical notes at last year’s prices:
only $299 per set!
Five (5) sets: only $279 per set
FREE shipping on all orders
Supply is very limited – FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.

This is the perfect gift to put up for the kids or grandchildren; a piece of history to preserve through the generations…
Call Joel direct

to place your order

  We have a half dozen nice coins to show you this weekend, three 19th century $10 Liberty and three pretty Saint-Gaudens.

$10 Liberty Head Eagles – NGC certified

From left to right:
1893 MS61 PL (prooflike).
The NGC population on this coin is TEN! That’s it. Just ten PL coins in this grade.
only $1,195 with FREE shipping
1892 MS61
NGC price guide is $925
Your price: only $779 with free shipping
1893 MS62
NGC price guide is $950
Your price: only $779 with FREE shipping
reverse images available on request
Saint-Gaudens – NGC certified

1923 Saint: NGC certified MS63:
NGC price guide is $1,775
Your price only $1,395
1928 Saint: NGC certified MS62:
NGC price guide is $1,775
Your price: only $1,395
1925 Saint- NGC certified MS63
NGC price guide is $1,815
Your price: only $1,450
Exact coins pictured – first come, first served.
 We also have twenty (20) NGC certified Saint-Gaudens in MS65 for only $1,590our lowest price in 8 years (and $100 cheaper than industry leader Blanchard).
Call Joel direct at 503-213-3352 to place your order
$50 face: $658 
$100 face: $1,308 (call it $1,300 even)
$250 face: $3,250
$500 face: $6,400
$1,000 face: $12,727 (spot +1.09/oz)
$50 face: $679
$100 face: $1,350
$250 face: $3,360
$500 face: $6,650
$1,000 face: $13,227 (spot +1.79/oz)
PEACE DOLLARS – as low as $18.99 each
pre-1921 Morgan Dollars – as low as $18.25 each
FREE SHIPPING on all silver dollars
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the all new
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