• Gold   $1,360.90   $14.00
  • Silver   $15.23   $0.17
  • Platinum   $815.00   $8.00
  • Palladium   $1,509.00   $24.00

2019 Comes Early (plus – the nicest Mercury Dime you’ve ever seen!)

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December 7, 2018
Happy Friday!
 Greetings from beautiful California, where we’ve seen fire and we’ve seen rain (apologies to James Taylor). Today is a gorgeous day with a clear blue sky!
 And… it’s already 2019.
 Yes, many 2019 coins – silver, gold and platinum – are available to pre-order now.
 Some (Maples, for instance), are shipping next week. More details below.
  Since our last newsletter, spot prices dipped briefly  but then took off, making up the losses and then some. Gold, Silver and Palladium  continue to run hot;  are all on very impressive little runs as we approach year end.
Palladium is now nearly the same price per ounce as gold!
Looking forward to a robust 2019.
Certified coin specials:
 This week’s cherry picked gems include two gorgeous San Francisco Mint dimes (a 1907-S Barber and a 1944-S Mercury) and two exceptionally lovely MS67 Morgandollars, one of which is  $8,000 below price guide!
This week’s closing spot prices per Kitco:
Gold: $1,248.80
Silver: $14.68
Platinum: $797
Palladium $1,229  (up 45% in 16 weeks!)
Thank you for reading! We appreciate it!
Wishing you and yours a great weekend! Stay safe!

Scheduled shipping dates:
2019 SILVER EAGLES: January 11 – first in the USA!
currently accepting pre-orders on U.S. Mint-sealed Monster Boxes at spot +2.79/oz
Three or more boxes: only $2.59/oz over melt ($8,635* per sealed box of 500)
2019 CANADIAN SILVER MAPLES: shipping next Friday!
Only spot +1.99 /oz ($8,335* per RCM Mint-sealed box of 500 oz)
Call or email for dates on British Britannias, Austrian Philharmonics, Perth Mint Lunar coins, Chinese Pandas etc. and GOLD, GOLD, GOLD
We also have some beautiful new Royal British Mint 100 oz silver bars. the RBM’s first foray into bullion bars (prices and images available on request)
* Prices valid through Sunday, 12/9 at 5pm Pacific (2pm Eastern)
Call Joel direct at 503-213.3352 to order 
(or email us at
 H ere are this week’s hand picked specials.
All are beautiful, unique and  well below price guide .
 If you’ve been a coin collector at any point over the last 72 years, you’ve very likely come across Whitman’s “A Guide Book of United States Coins“, better known as simply ” the RED BOOK “. NGC is currently honoring the Red Book with a special label. Not only do we have a few rare coins that feature this unique label but they are also   hand signed   by the Kenneth Bressett, who was editor for nearly half a century (from 1971 until 2017).
1907-S BARBER DIME – PCGS certified MS64

Man! That’s one good looking San Francisco Barber. Only MS64? Wow.
PCGS price guide is $1,250
Your price:  only $950 – you save $300!
Exact coin pictured.  First come, first served  
1944-S MERCURY DIME – NGC certified MS68 FB (full band)


That is about as close to a flawless Merc as you’ll ever see.
Absolutely gorgeous coin!
And it is SUPER rare.
PCGS has only graded 13 of these 1944-S FB (full band) Mercs as high as MS68.
They have never graded one higher.
PCGS price guide on this absolute gem is  $8,000
Your price:  only $4,950. You save $3,050
Exact coin pictured – first come, first served
1882 MORGAN DOLLAR – NGC certified MS67

I’ll let the picture speak for itself.
NGC price guide on this lustrous Morgan is  $24,500
Your price is  only $16,500 ($8,000 below price guide!!!)
Census is only 10, with none graded higher. Ever.
Only one available – exact coin pictured

1884-CC MORGAN DOLLAR – NGC certified MS67
 One of the sharpest Carson City Morgans we’ve ever offered. Truly a beautiful coin.
Only two 84-CC’s have ever been graded higher  than this MS67  (and they’re $43,000).

NGC price guide is  $5,200  (and rising).
Your price: only $4,200

Exact coin pictured
First come, first served
  Call Joel direct at 503.213.3352 to order
90% SILVER at market leading prices:

Washington Quarters  or  Roosevelt Dimes  (your choice)
$50 face: $582 (spot +$1.59/oz)
$100 face: $1,156 (spot +$1.49/oz)
$250 face: $2,873 (spot +1.39/oz)
$500 face: $5,709 (spot +1.29/oz)
$1,000 face: $11,419 ( only $1.29/oz above spot!)
Mercury Dimes  ( pictured above) LOWER PREMIUM
$50 face: $603 (spot +$2.19/oz)
$100 face: $1,199  (spot +$2.09/oz)
$250 face: $2,999 (spot +1.99/oz)
$500 face: $5,963 (spot +1.89/oz)
$1,000 face: $11,783 ( $1.79 /oz above spot )
FIRST FIVE CALLERS on $1,000 face bag:  only spot +1.59  ($11,633)
Walking Liberty,  Franklin or   1964 Kennedy Half Dollars  (your choice)
$50 face: $596 (spot +$1.99/oz)
$100 face: $1,185 (spot +$1.89/oz)
$250 face: $2,944 spot +$1.79/oz)
$500 face: $5,852 (spot +1.69/oz)
$1,000 face: $11,633 ( $1.59 /oz above spot)  Our leading competitor is spot +1.99/oz
link to competitor available on request
Call Joel direct at 503.213.3352 to place your orders.
Also available:
EVERYTHING! If you don’t see it among the over four million dollars of inventory in our eBay store, or on, please ask. If we don’t have it on hand, we will quickly source it for you at a great price
 Prices include discount for payment by bank wire or personal check. Most prices include shipping and insurance (see individual items for minimums, if any, required to receive free shipping). Prices offered are indications and are subject to change without notice. Please call to confirm.
Questions? We’re always glad to hear from you. Feel free to call or email any time.
Thanks for looking and thanks again for your business. We appreciate it!
Joel’s direct line: 503.213.3352
For our newer clients:
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 We are a small, family run, U.S. business, with offices in Central California and Southern Washington State. We’re celebrating 20 years on eBay , where we are Power Sellers, with  Top Rated status, earned through  100% positive, 5 star feedback on nearly 28,000 transactions. We also have an A+ rating from the  BBB.
 At Vault Wholesale, you are always speaking with an owner. No ever-changing bunch of guys in cubicles, no, “please listen as our menu options have recently changed”, no “dial 9 for a company directory”, just an owner, 365 days a year!

 So, to answer the bold red question above,
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