• Gold   $1,284.20   $8.10
  • Silver   $15.51   $0.10
  • Platinum   $803.00   $11.00
  • Palladium   $1,383.00   $19.00

Weekend specials from Vault Wholesale – 3.9.18

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March 9, 2018
Happy Friday!
 Busy, busy, busy around here. We are buying as much silver as we can find today.
As I type, we’ve just closed nice deals on Tokelau Barracudas and Leopard Sharks (from New Zealand), Australian Kangaroos, Canadian 1.5 oz Polar Bears, RCM Spotted Owls, sealed boxes of older Silver Eagles and  literally a quarter ton of 40% and 90% “junk silver”.
 Looking for a great deal on any of the above? We can help.

 Maybe some silver for only .25¢ over spot?

In our silver purchases, we’ve also picked up a few little gold odds and ends. Rather than put them on eBay, or into inventory, we’re going to blow them out here and find them some happy new homes. First come, first served!

 Next week… WE BUY GOLD!
This week’s closing prices per Kitco ask:
Gold $1,324.10
Silver $16.67
Platinum $969
Palladium $1,002
Spring is just around the corner – that means baseball! Can’t wait.
Thanks again for reading! We appreciate you!
Have a great weekend!
 We get asked every single day –
 “What is your LOWEST premium silver product?”
 Or, phrased a different way, “What silver is closest to spot price?”
How does .25¢ over spot hit you?
40% silver Kennedy Half Dollars (1965-1970)
These classic US coins come in bags of $100 face (200 coins).
Each bag contains 29.5 troy ounces of USA silver.
With silver closing the week at $16.67, that would make a bag:
Only $499 ($16.92/oz)
Look up in the sky…
 We just got a little over 1,000 of those super cool RCM 2016 SUPERMAN coins.
 We’ve checked the competition and found that our price is invincible!

2016 RCM (Royal Canadian Mint) SUPERMAN one oz SILVER

J* B****on: “as low as” spot +$3.99/oz
A***X: “as low as” spot +$3.79/oz
Your price: only spot +3.29/oz for 100 oz
Buy 500 coins for only spot +3.09/oz – you save $450 vs J* B****on
Sold in increments of 100 oz – while supplies last
(links to competitors available on request)
Speaking of cool coins where we can beat up the competition…
The 2016 Perth Mint (Australia) Kangaroo is one of our very favorite modern coins. With its unique “Mini Monster” boxes of 250 coins, sales were more than double the Perth Mint’s expectations.

J* B***on: “as low as” spot +2.99/oz (based on 500 oz purchase)
***EX: “on sale” for spot +2.69/oz
Your price: only spot +2.19/oz
Buy 500 coins for only spot +$1.99/oz ($18.66 per coin)
Minimum order is only 100 coins – while supplies last!
(links to competitors available on request)
 We have a few SEALED boxes of  2013 San Francisco Mint Silver Eagles .
Sealed boxes contain 500 one oz Silver Eagles.
Our leading competitor is advertising them today for, “21% off the premium”.
Their  sale price is $11,335 (link available on request).
Why pay the HUGE premium when you can buy from Vault Wholesale for
$1,500 less ($9,835.00)?  
Free shipping, of course
GREAT DEALS on West Point Mint sealed Monster Boxes (500 oz):
2008 – MINT SEALED :
A***X spot +5.99/oz
Vault Wholesale:  only spot +3.49/ oz –  you save $1,250!
A***X spot +6.99/oz
Vault Wholesale: only spot +3.99/oz  – you save $1,500! 
2011 – MINT SEALED :
A***X: spot +$6.49/oz
Vault Wholesale: only spot +3.49 – you save $1,500!
While supplies last!
For current 90% silver pricing, please check our WEBSITE. Thanks!
Call Joel direct at 503.213.3352 to place your orders.
Just picked up some the 2016-W 1/10 oz Gold Mercury Dime Centennial coins.
These gorgeous coins, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the “Merc”, quickly sold out  at the US Mint.
Priced to sell!
2016-W 1/10 oz Gold Mercury Dime Centennial
Coins are all in OGP (original government packaging) with COA.
Our leading competitor is getting $289.99 (see screen shot below – taken TODAY).

We’re seeing them selling on eBay for $245 (see screen shot below – taken TODAY).

Your price: only $229 while supplies last.
Maximum three (3) per person (sorry – we want to share the love)

$5 GOLD EAGLES (1/10 oz)
 Folks “occasionally” voice concern that we don’t sell anything for less than $500.
These are for you folks and w e apologize in advance that we’re only offering these exact ten at the prices below. We’ll promise to do our very best to offer sweet deals to those who call after these have sold. Thanks for understanding.
 Our seller carefully put these coins in “airtights” to keep them unblemished.
2014 – two coins available at only $149.99 per coin
1999 – seven coins available at only $149.99 per coin
1990 – (in Roman numerals) – only one available (sorry) – only $189.99
First come, first served.
P.S. Our eBay site includes dozens of auction items, all with prices starting at .99¢ and NO RESERVE!.
Call Joel direct at 503.213.3352 to place your orders
Also available:
EVERYTHING! If you don’t see it among the over four million dollars of inventory in our eBay store, or on, please ask. If we don’t have it on hand, we will quickly source it for you at a great price
 Prices include discount for payment by bank wire or personal check. Most prices include shipping and insurance (see individual items for minimums, if any, required to receive free shipping). Prices offered are indications and are subject to change without notice. Please call to confirm.
Questions? We’re always glad to hear from you. Feel free to call or email any time.
Thanks for looking and thanks again for your business. We appreciate it!
Joel’s direct line: 503.213.3352
For our newer clients:
 Great question!
 We are a small, family run, U.S. business, with offices in Central California and Southern Washington State. We’re celebrating 19+ years on eBay, where we are Power Sellers, with Top Rated status, earned through 100% positive, 5 star feedback on over 25,000 transactions. We also have an A+ rating from the  BBB.

 At Vault Wholesale, you are always speaking with an owner. No ever-changing bunch of guys in cubicles, no, “please listen as our menu options have recently changed”, no “dial 9 for a company directory”, just an owner, 365 days a year!

 So, to answer the bold red question above,
Vault Wholesale is America’s Most Trusted Precious Metals Dealer! 
We’re ALWAYS buying.
Most generous prices paid in the biz.
What do you have to sell today?
Love to invest more in precious metals, but don’t have the resources?
Ask us how to convert your IRAs or 401(k) plan into a self-directed
Precious Metals IRA