• Gold   $1,685.00   $28.90
  • Silver   $17.50   $0.33
  • Platinum   $820.00   $15.00
  • Palladium   $2,022.00   $25.00

90% Silver In Stock

March 29, 2020
Happy Sunday,
 Hope this finds you well!

 I haven’t written in a couple of weeks because we have been absolutely swamped. Every time we get a line on some dependable product, we sell it out before we have a chance to start writing a newsletter. The supply chain is stressed and, at this point, we only want to solicit what we have in our hands, ready to ship.

We’ve had a steady trickle of Gold Eagles and Gold Buffaloes, might be getting some more Silver Eagles Monster Boxes tomorrow. The RCM (Royal Canadian Mint) closed on March 20, but the word we’re now getting is that it is only a two week closure in order to retrofit their plant for employee safety. Production has continued with reduced staff. Not sure if they can get the product across the border when they are scheduled to reopen a week from now, but we understand that they are producing bullion coins and bars. Stay tuned.

 What we do have in hand is close to a hundred pounds of junk silver, fresh in from Hawaii. This product has been sitting in our client’s attic for 30+ years! Product is fresh and unsearched. Please see below for pricing – lowest in the industry!. Thanks.
 We are still buying everything we can get our hands on.
 WE pay the shipping and insurance to get your shipments here.
Market conditions:
Over the past two weeks, there has been tremendous volatility in the market. At one point, silver had plummeted below $12 an ounce, only to rebound almost right back to where we were two weeks ago. Precious metals remain a strong asset class.
This week’s closing spot prices, per Kitco:
Gold $1,629.00 (two weeks ago: $1,530.90)
Silver $14.53 (two weeks ago: $14.79)
Platinum $749 (two weeks ago: $770)
Palladium $2,315 (two weeks ago: $1,848)
 Please note – we have verified reports that Kitco’s spot price feed is inaccurate. It is too low! Looking at the websites of our US Mint APs and our leading competitors, they all have different spot prices and all are higher than Kitco’s number. It’s crazy! We’re sticking with Kitco, which means you are getting the lowest spot price.
Thanks to everyone who has been in touch these past couple of weeks. Some are buying, some are selling, some are just noting that we’ve been quiet and are making sure we’re okay. We are! Thanks to all of you for checking in.
 And thanks so much for reading. We appreciate it. Have a safe and healthy day!
At this writing, we’re down to $1,700 face in 90% junk silver.
 All product listed below is in stock and ready to ship.
Limited to stock on hand – first come, first served.
Current stock – ready to ship:
$500 face Roosevelt dimes
$400 face Washington quarters
$550 face Franklin halves
$100 face 1964 JFK halves
$100 face Walking Liberty halves
$50 face mixed 90% (approx half in Roosies, the rest is ’64 JFKs, Mercury dimes and a handful of quarters)
 Again – please note that our “Big Three” competitors are all using spot prices that are higher than the one we use (Kitco).
A***X: $1,767 per $100 face (spot 14.73 +9.99/oz). Ships in a week.
J* ***lion: $1,665 per $100 face (spot 14.69+8.59/oz) ships in 15+ days
Pr****ent Metals:$1,665 per $100 face (spot 14.69 +8.59/oz) ships in 15+ days
Vault Wholesale – spot price $14.53.IN STOCK NOW!
$100 face: $1,610 (spot +$7.99/oz)
$250 face: $1,574 per $100 face (spot +7.49/oz = total of $3,936 for $250 face)
$500 face: $1,539 per $100 face (spot +6.99/oz = total of $7,693 for $500 face. That’s $632 lower than the lowest price we’ve found!!!).
 We believe these prices are the lowest in the USA today!
In the unlikely event you’re seeing a legit dealer with lower apples to apples pricing, send us a link and we’ll do our best to match or beat it for you!

FREE SHIPPING – all packages are sent discretely packaged with signature required.



Terms: immediate payment required via bank wire sent Monday or check sent Monday by overnight carrier

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

Thanks for your consideration!
Call Joel direct at 503.213.3352 to place your orders.