Video: Silver Eagle Coins


Transcription of How to Open an NGC Clear View Tube of Silver Eagle Coins Video

You need to understand by doing this you are going to invalidate NGC's guarantee. So, only get into these rolls if you're no longer interested in the certification, and you just wanna use the one-ounce Silver Eagles, say, to buy a chicken, if we have a collapse of economic systems. 
So, you see on this roll that there is a little slot, a little groove right here, which is just big enough to be able to get a screwdriver in. So, you put the screwdriver in there, like so, and this breaks. Then, you need to find a slot on the other side, opposite, and same thing; give it three or four unkindly whacks with the hammer. And, we have effectively broken the seal. 
Pry the top off the tube, and inside are your perfect gem  BU Silver Eagles; unleashed without any damage to the coins inside. And so, there you have it, how to tamper with the tamper-resistant NGC clear view tube. Remember, that when you do this, you void any kind of grading and guarantee there is to the coin, but that's how you get inside these tubes.