• Gold   $1,644.00   $23.80
  • Silver   $18.55   $0.11
  • Platinum   $978.00   $5.00
  • Palladium   $2,764.00   $24.00

Weekend specials from Vault Wholesale – 5.17.19

May 17, 2019
Happy Friday!
 Hey. No way to sugar coat it. Metals did not have the best week. Of course, for many, with silver below $15 and gold under $1,300, this represents a nice opportunity to buy in at the lower prices. To that end, we offer some great deals this week on silver bars, silver dollars and, for our gold bugs, we have a beautiful batch of BU $10 Liberty Gold Eagles.
Certified coin specials:
 We’re truly excited about this week’s certified beauties – it’s one of the nicest batches we’ve presented, both in terms of rarity, eye appeal and price. I’d be delighted to have any (or all) of these coins in my collection. Coins include a very hard to find 1872-S $10 Liberty, an exceptional 1811 Bust Half Dollar, another peerless Texas Silver Commemorative and a phenomenal 1902-O Morgan in MS67.
Market Conditions:
This week’s closing spot prices, per Kitco:
Gold $1,278.10
Silver $14.48
Platinum $821
Palladium $1,322
Thanks for reading.  We really appreciate it!
Hope you have a great weekend.


 Did you know?
 Johnson Matthey manufactured fine silver bars for many, many years. Their products stood as equals alongside Engelhard, making them two of the most sought after silver hallmarks of the 20th century. Of course, the 20th century is starting to become ancient history. Engelhard is long gone and in 2015 “JM” sold its gold and silver refining business to Asahi, a collector, refiner and recycler of precious and rare metals. It has taken a minute for the Asahi brand to fully resonate with the public but, slowly but surely, they have become recognized with the same esteem and loyalty as their renowned predecessor. Today, we’re running a special on 100 oz Asahi silver bars, with prices as low as only spot +.89¢  
1-4 bars: spot +1.19/oz ($1,567 per 100 oz bar)
5-9 bars: spot +.99¢ ($1,547 per bar)
10 or more: only spot +.89¢/oz ($1,537 per bar)
FREE SHIPPING on any quantity
Prefer the JM brand (or Engelhard or RCM)?
We’ll offer them this weekend for the same prices as above. Yes, you may mix and match.
We have a few discounted pre-1921 AG Morgan Dollars 100-coin lots for you
100 AG Morgans
Our website price is $1,889
Weekend special: take $100 off (only $1,779)
Or buy all 500 for only $17.29 per coin and save $700 ($8,645 vs $9,349 published price)

Coins will be AG, with random dates/mintmarks of our choice

We also have 500 cheap VG Peace Dollars to offer you.
Our website price for lots of 100 is $1,779
Weekend special: take $40 off (only $1,739 per 100 coins)
Or buy all 500 for only $16.99 per coin and save $254 ($8,495 vs $8,749 published price)

Coins will be VG (very good), with random dates/mintmarks of our choice

Call Joel direct at 503.213.3352 to place your orders.
  For your consideration, here are this week’s cherry picked specials. All are chosen for their outstanding-eye-appeal, their rarity and our ability to offer them to you well below price guide.
1872-S $20 LIBERTY GOLD DOUBLE EAGLE – NGC certified AU55

This better date San Francisco “20 Lib” has steadily increased in price over the past 5 years, even as gold spot prices have dropped.
NGC price guide on this nice AU55 has appreciated to $2,600
Your price: only $1,895 – you save $705
Exact coin pictured. First come, first served 
1811 CAPPED BUST HALF DOLLAR – PCGS certified AU58 (small 8)
 Not the top grade for this coin, but this more affordable grade, with its outstanding eye appeal, will make a fantastic placeholder in your collection while you’re saving up the $95,000 that the top grade is listed for.
NGC price guide on this pretty AU58 is $2,700
Your price is only $1,950
Exact coin pictured – first come, first served

 If you’re a regular with us, you will have noticed that we’ve had an amazing streak of getting a hold of the top grades of this series – truly peerless coins – and offering them at tremendous savings. This might just be our best deal yet.
Rarity: TOP GRADE! NGC has only graded 8 in MS68 with none higher.
NGC price guide is a brawny $8,250
Your price is less than halfonly $3,995
Exact coin pictured – first come, first served


1902-O MORGAN DOLLAR – NGC certified MS67

Here’s a bright white, frosty coin minted in 1902 by the US Mint in New Orleans!
Rarity: TOP GRADE. NGC has only graded 26 as high as MS67, with none higher.
NGC price guide is an eye-popping $19,000

Your price: only $8,950 – less than half of price guide!

Exact coin pictured. First come, first served
 A pair of better date 1909-D $5 Indians.
These coins are in consecutively numbered PCGS MS63 holders.
A quick Google search shows me that the going rate today is in the $945 – $960 range. How about they go in your safe for only $919 each?
Or buy them both for only $899 each ($1,798 total).
Exact coins pictured. First come, first served.
 Reminder: we’re trying to keep these listings below $10,000, while offering the higher end coins in our new High Roller Club newsletter. To join, just reply to this email and ask to subscribe. Simple as that. Next newsletter is scheduled for the middle of next week.
 Call Joel direct at 503.213.3352 to order
 We have a sizable stack of sensational looking BU $10 Liberty “Half Eagles” sitting in our WA office that are looking for good homes.
They look like this: 
These very pretty BU coins are the actual ones being offered today.
5-9 coins: $695 each
10-19 coins: $685 each
20 or more: only $675 each
Random date(s)/mintmark(s) of our choice
Prices good until they’re gone
Call Joel direct at 503.213.3352 to place your orders.
SHHH! I hid this at the bottom because we only have two and we only want to offer them to folks who read all the way to the bottom. LOL.
 Someone just came in with a couple of solid date rolls of Walking Liberty Halves (one each of 1942 and 1943). All coins have readable dates and a lot of the coins actually look pretty darn good.
Do we want to turn these Walkers into 40 individual eBay listings?
NO, we do not!
Yours for only $139 per roll of twenty (20) halves.
Exact coins pictured
First come, first served.
P.S. Sorry. We didn’t take the time to go through the coins and inventory the mintmark(s).
Oh yeah. This seller also had eight (8) 2014 Silver Eagles in plastic flips. All are BU and spot free.
A***X has 2014’s on sale today for $18.17 each. Let’s call it $18 apiece ($144 for the lot).
ONE LOT ONLY. First come, first served, FREE SHIPPING.
Joel’s direct line: 503.213.3352
Also available:
EVERYTHING! If you don’t see it among the over four million dollars of inventory in our eBay store, or on, please ask. If we don’t have it on hand, we will quickly source it for you at a great price
 Prices include discount for payment by bank wire or personal check. Most prices include shipping and insurance (see individual items for minimums, if any, required to receive free shipping). Prices offered are indications and are subject to change without notice. Please call to confirm.
Questions? We’re always glad to hear from you. Feel free to call or email any time.
Thanks for looking and thanks again for your business. We appreciate it!
Joel’s direct line: 503.213.3352
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