• Gold   $1,611.30   $13.10
  • Silver   $14.26   $0.15
  • Platinum   $738.00   $6.00
  • Palladium   $2,509.00   $140.00

Weekend specials from Vault Wholesale – 5.3.19

May 3, 2019
Happy Friday!
 “They” keep trying to beat the prices down, but they just keep popping right back up. Just today, silver dropped as low as $14.53, but here at week’s close, silver has closed back at $15.00 and gold is very close to where it finished last week.
 Seems like silver below $15 is just not sustainable. Onward and upward (?).
 Speaking of good news on the silver front, we just scored 500 VG+ Peace Dollars that we’re offering at a steep discount off of our website price. Please see below for details.
 We are out of those “Delbert Day” 2011 Silver Eagle boxes, but we just received a handful of sealed 2012 Monster Boxes. You can buy one here for $500 cheaper than our favorite competitor is offering them for.
 For our gold bugs who like your gold as close to melt value as possible, we have nearly 400 old twenty franc French Napoleons and Swiss Helvetias for you today. CHEAP!
Certified coin specials: 
 This week’s cherry-picked treasures include a nice 1903-O $10 Liberty (New Orleans mint) in a classic PCGS OGH, a peerless 1914 Buffalo Nickel, an absolutely stunning 1942 Mercury Dime and a drop dead gorgeous 1888 $2.50 Gold Liberty Quarter Eagle in a PCGS Secure MS66 holder.
  Reminder: we’re fast approaching our first High Roller Club newsletter (as soon as next week!). This separate newsletter will feature high end rarities ($10,000 and up), as well as super deals on bulk bullion purchases. If you would like to join our High Roller Club, please email me and I’ll be happy to add you to the list. If you have any particular areas of interest, or specific coins you’re chasing, please include that info too. Thanks!
Market Conditions:
This week’s closing spot prices, per Kitco:
Gold $1,279.50
Silver $15.00
Platinum $875
Palladium $1,373
Thank you so much for reading our newsletter! Wishing you and yours a great weekend!
 Rather than sifting through 500+ silver dollars to try and separate the XFs from the VGs, we’ll just sell this unsorted lot as VG+. More good news – we’ll sell them at a discount from our published VG price. Enjoy!
100 VG+ Peace Dollars: VG price: $1,779
Sale price: only $16.89 per coin ($1,689 total)
250 VG+ Peace Dollars:
Sale price: only $16.59 per coin ($4,149 total – you save $250)


 Some of the most popular, and lowest premium, silver items in our inventory, we continue to offer quality 90% silver US coins at market leading prices:
$50 face: $586 (spot +$1.39/oz)
$100 face: $1,165 (spot +$1.29/oz)
$250 face: $2,894 (spot +1.19/oz)
$500 face: $5,752 (spot +1.09/oz)
$1,000 face: $11,433 (only .99¢/oz above spot!)
Mercury Dimes (pictured above)
$50 face: $607 (spot +$1.99/oz)
$100 face: $1,208 (spot +$1.89/oz)
$250 face: $3,001 (spot +1.79/oz)
$500 face: $5,967 (spot +1.69/oz)
$1,000 face: $11,862 ($1.59/oz above spot)
$50 face: $607 (spot +$1.99/oz)
$100 face: $1,208 (spot +$1.89/oz)
$250 face: $3,001 spot +$1.79/oz)
$500 face: $5,967 (spot +1.69/oz)
$1,000 face: $11,862 ($1.59/oz above spot)
Call Joel direct at 503.213.3352 to place your orders.
  For your consideration, here are this week’s hand picked specials. All are chosen for their outstanding-eye-appeal, rarity and our ability to offer them to you well below price guide
 Please remember that we’re trying to keep these listings below $10,000, while offering the higher end coins in our new upcoming High Roller Club newsletter. To join, just reply to this email and ask to subscribe. Simple as that.
1903-O $10 LIBERTY – PCGS certified MS62 (in OGH)

 I apologize in advance. Seems like whenever we advertise a coin in a PCGS OGH (old green holder), they sell FAST. That means having to turn people down. I hate that!
PCGS price guide is a rock solid $1,750
Your price: only $1,350 – you save $400
Exact coin pictured. First come, first served 
1914 BUFFALO NICKEL – NGC certified MS67

 Dark. Rich. PEERLESS.
 And very rare. NGC has graded a total of only 8 of these early date 1914 Buffalo Nickels in MS67, with none higher. This is as good as it gets!
NGC price guide is $6,500
Your price is only $3,450 (not a typo. This coin is $3,050 below price guide!)
Exact coin pictured – first come, first served
1942 MERCURY DIME – NGC certified MS68 FB

Oh my goodness! Look at this coin. It’s easily the nicest ’42 Merc I’ve ever seen.
Nicest one NGC has ever seen too. They’ve only graded two this high with none higher.
NGC price guide is a very steady $8,500
Your price is only $5,495 – three grand below price guide!
Exact coin pictured – first come, first served


1888 $2.50 LIBERTY – NGC certified MS66

 I’ll spare you the adjectives and just let this beauty speak for itself
Rarity: PCGS has graded only 8 as high as MS66, with none higher. Not sure what those other 7 look like, but it’s hard to imagine they can top this!
PCGS price guide is $12,000

Your price: only $8,995 obo

Exact coin pictured. First come, first served
 Call Joel direct at 503.213.3352 to order
2012 SILVER EAGLES – US Mint-sealed Monster Box:


We have a handful of 2012’s available (first come, first served).
Mint-sealed boxes contain 500 one oz coins.
Our leading competitor sells sealed 2012’s for spot +3.99/oz (link available on request).
Your price is only spot +2.99/oz. That’s $500 less.
Total = $8,995 ($15.00 + 2.99 x 500)
FREE SHIPPING – discretely packaged, fully insured, signature required.
Call Joel direct at 503.213.3352 to place your order.
  One of the most popular forms of “fractional” gold (coins that weigh less than one ounce), are the old French and Swiss twenty francs coins. We have a little mountain of them for you today as low as only $11.99 a coin above melt value.
Your choice of Swiss Helvetias (pictured above) or French Napoleons
Each twenty francs coin has a gold content of .1867 oz
10-19 coins: only spot +13.99/coin ($253 each)
20 or more coins: only spot +11.99/oz ($251 each)
Coins will be random date(s) of our choice.
This design of Helvetias was issued from 1897 to 1935, then again in 1947 and 1949.
Napoleons were minted from 1853-1870 (the reign of Napoleon III).
Yes, you may mix and match.
Joel’s direct line: 503.213.3352
Also available:
EVERYTHING! If you don’t see it among the over four million dollars of inventory in our eBay store, or on, please ask. If we don’t have it on hand, we will quickly source it for you at a great price
 Prices include discount for payment by bank wire or personal check. Most prices include shipping and insurance (see individual items for minimums, if any, required to receive free shipping). Prices offered are indications and are subject to change without notice. Please call to confirm.
Questions? We’re always glad to hear from you. Feel free to call or email any time.
Thanks for looking and thanks again for your business. We appreciate it!
Joel’s direct line: 503.213.3352
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