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Vault Wholesale is committed to providing you with top quality precious metals products at highly competitive prices, including the most popular gold products, new and old, US and foreign, raw and numismatic, as well as a huge selection of silver, including one of the largest inventories of silver dollars in the USA..
You can reach us at 503.213.3352, seven days a week. Joel will be happy to personally assist you with your purchase or sale of precious metals products.


Our mailing address:

Vault Wholesale
1048 W. Robinhood Drive #7945
Calaveras Station, CA 95267
In the Northwest? We also have a retail location in Southern WA state.
Our promise to you:
-Outstanding product knowledge and customer service
-We answer every call & email, seven days a week
-Unconditional guarantee of every transaction
-We will buy back every product you purchase from us at market rates
-Your goods shipped within 48 hours of funds clearing

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eBay Platinum Powerseller since 1998, with Top Rated status: over 17,300 customers with 100% buyer satisfaction and 5 star rating.

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