• Gold   $1,283.80   $10.00
  • Silver   $14.66   $0.14
  • Platinum   $803.00   $5.00
  • Palladium   $1,317.00   $7.00

Weekend specials from Vault Wholesale – 2.15.19

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February 15, 2019
Happy Friday!
 There’s rain in California, baseball in Florida and Arizona and lots of action in DC. What a beautiful day! How are things where you are?
 Since last week, gold’s $1,300 floor has held steady and even gained a few dollars. Silver took a little mid-week tumble but has regained losses to finish the week down only .05¢ from last week.  Platinum, too, has shown some signs of recovery, closing today up from last Friday. And then there’s Palladium…
 Well, I’m not going to mention Palladium this week because it has become almost impossible for us to source lately. With an amazing 70% gain in just six months, that is quite understandable. Would you like to cash out your profit and sell us some Palladium? We could sure use it!
 90% silver continues to be a top seller nationwide. It is easily identifiable, highly liquid, pretty much never counterfeited and carries a very low premium over melt value – significantly lower than modern bullion coins, for instance. Today, we have a great deal for you on Roosevelt Dimes and Washington Quarters. You know the “as low as” rates we offer our heavy hitters when they buy $1,000 bags from us? This weekend, we’ll offer that same low premium on  bags as small as only $100 face!
 We also have a great deal on Silver Dollars – full details below.
 This week’s certified treasures include a very white 1877 Morgan Dollar in MS67, a frosty 1889-S $10 Gold Liberty in MS64 (with CAC), a stunning 1917 Gold Commem that we have reduced by $1,000 and a very rare (and rather cool looking) 1853 “Rays and Arrows” Seated Liberty quarter in MS65.  As always, our prices are well below price guide.
This week’s closing spot prices per Kitco :
Gold: $1,322.40
Silver: $15.86
Platinum: $810
Palladium $1,440 (up 70% in the six months since August 15).
Thanks so much for reading. We appreciate you!
  Please keep in mind that we go through literally hundreds of rare coins every week to find the four beauties we feature here. To qualify for our newsletter, all coins must be well below price guide and have sensational eye appeal (or a good story about why they’re so darn ugly). All of this is to say that we have many more great coins available that we don’t have room to feature here. Anything else in particular that we can show you?
 First up this week is a super white 132 year old Morgan Dollar in MS67.
1887 MORGAN DOLLAR – NGC certified MS67 
NGC has only ever graded one 1887 Morgan higher than this frosty white MS67
NGC price guide is $1,700
Your price is only $1,395
Exact coin pictured. First come, first served.
Would we accept an offer of $1,350 with free shipping? Hmm. Maybe 🙂 Ask and see.
1899-S $10 LIBERTY – PCGS certified MS64 (with CAC)
YES!  This scrumptious  (and rather rare) 19th century San Francisco  $10 Liberty Head Gold Eagle has a PCGS population of only 16. With the added third party CAC verification, that would place this coin at the top of the heap.
PCGS price guide is $5,000 (NGC is $8,000!)
Your price is only $2,995
Exact coin pictured. First come, first served
1917 McKINLEY COMMEM GOLD $1 – PCGS certified MS67
 We ran this rare and drop dead gorgeous commemorative gold dollar several weeks back, but we had a thousand dollar typo (oops!), so we pulled it back.
PCGS population is only 80 with none graded higher.
PCGS price guide is $4,750
Your price is only $2,995 
Exact coin pictured. First come, first served
1853 “ARROWS and RAYS QUARTER – NGC certified MS65
 Okay, it’s not just the dark beauty, or the rarity, or the cool rim toning of this 166 year old Seated Liberty Quarter; it’s the fact that, over these many years, someone could have tried to professionally clean this coin and make it really sparkle – BUT THEY DIDN’T!
This is 100% original patina on a coin with very  little  wear. I LOVE IT.
 That said, most people are more impressed with shiny objects, so a dark and mysterious coin is, frankly, often harder to sell. Sometimes you have to lower the price.
And we have!
NGC census on this rare beauty is only 29.
NGC price guide is  $16,000
Your price: only $7,950 (LESS THAN HALF OF PRICE GUIDE!)
Exact coin pictured. First come, first served
  Call Joel direct at 503.213.3352 to order
 As mentioned earlier, we have a great deal on Roosevelt Dimes and Washington Quarters (pictured below). Every week you see us (and every other dealer) offer “as low as” prices – you know, the ones where you have to spend five figures to get the lowest rate. This weekend, we’re offering our lowest premium on bags as small as $100 face.
Your choice of Roosevelt Dimes or Washington Quarters:
$3,000 face of each available  below our website prices until they’re gone:
AP*** is a seller today at spot +1.29
Your price for any quantity of $100 face or more is only spot +.99¢/oz
$50 face: $613 (spot +1.29)
$100 face: $1,205 only spot +.99¢
$250 face: $3,012 only spot +.99¢
$500 face: $6,024 only spot +.99¢

$1,000 face: $12,047 only spot +.99¢


CULL DOLLARS (our choice of Peace and/or Morgan – as pictured above)
Take $1 per coin off of our  website prices .
Buy 100 and save $100
Buy 250 and save $250
Buy 500 and save $500
Buy 1,000 and save $1,000!
2,500 cull dollars available at these prices.
Take .75¢ per coin off of our website prices.
Buy 100 and save $75
Buy 250 and save $187.50
Buy 500 and save $375
Buy 1,000 and save $750!
3,000 Peace dollars available at these prices.
Call Joel direct at 503.213.3352 to place your orders.
Also available:
EVERYTHING! If you don’t see it among the over four million dollars of inventory in our eBay store, or on, please ask. If we don’t have it on hand, we will quickly source it for you at a great price
 Prices include discount for payment by bank wire or personal check. Most prices include shipping and insurance (see individual items for minimums, if any, required to receive free shipping). Prices offered are indications and are subject to change without notice. Please call to confirm.
Questions? We’re always glad to hear from you. Feel free to call or email any time.
Thanks for looking and thanks again for your business. We appreciate it!
Joel’s direct line: 503.213.3352
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